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četvrtak, 24. travnja 2014.

She trusted the doctors and the white coat so much!

She trusted the doctors and the white coat so much!  Before this reckless case she believed all those wearing the white coat truly believed in the Hippocratic oath, she would not have thought that they would consider breaking the oath or in fact break that oath.

“The time comes when the intelligent keep quiet, when the fool speaks up, and the looser and failure gets rich!“  To be a doctor, does not necessarily mean to be smart or kind, just like being a journalist does not mean that you always tell the truth.  I am not either one or the other, but not because I am trying to look smart or because I am a fool from Ivo Andric's quote. I spoke up because the system forced me to do it.  The system that did allow me to learn doesn't alllow me to be compensated properly for what I am trained to do.  Therefore, just like everybody else I started the fight for survival and the tasks I had never done so far.  Due to inadequate payment by the employers, which is similar across B&H, I worked illegally, wrote columns and volunteered.

It was only recently that I wrote in one column how “we pay their incompetence with our lives“ and that there are less and less honest people who want to deal with politics while there are more and more “spoiled“ that enter the field of politics with the goal of influencing the series of events in line with personal interests.  However, even though more and more doctors are deciding to deal with politics instead of improving their medical field competence by continuous education and learning.  It is their patients that are paying for that calous disreguard of the need for improvement with their life or a life-long impairment.
The case of rape through a surgical method, medical deflowering, actually taking away the virginity of a 35 years old Tuzla woman through a gynecological exam is an example of how a  skilled and educated Dr didn't care about the job that they do for a living, just like the journalists that the victim addressed after experiencing the causalty.

As advised by the neuropsychiatrist, a nice colleague, the victim went to the local newspaper “Dnevni Avaz“ to tell the story of a “gynecological case“ with nn initials, however, they refused to publish the story.  As a reason they cited, “look, you are going to do yourself the most harm.”  First, they wanted to find out all the details, and then again stated the following: listen, it would not be good to do this because of you, they will take the story out of context and will harm you even more that way, „as if they are actually caring about me,“ told the victim in the converation we held. 

Yet, she trusted the doctors and the white uniform so much!  Before the reckless case, it was her oath, yet she did not know that they could swear opposite to the Hippocrates oath.
Once the employees of a gynecological clinic became aware of the committed error, they  immediately didn't allow the victim to do additional exams and gather evidence so that clear statements can be made to prove that the rip/fissure of hymen is from the robust object.  Whever she went, all the medical institutions in Tuzla Canton as well as health care centers, and especially University Clinical Center Tuzla, knew about the medical error so that it was difficult to get two partly different medical opinions, but the victim did just that. One is from the University Clinical Center Tuzla and the other one is from specialist gynecological clinic Bijeljina.  The University Clinical Center Tuzla is trying to dispute what the clinic in Bijeljina is saying by refusing to acknowledge Bijeljina findings as it corresponds with the truth and they do not want the truth.

The Tuzla victim is highly educated, with highly developed moral characteristics and personality features as well as conciousness.  Due to this incident she experienced lack of energy, will, motivation for life and activities, and was in desperate need of assistance, many refused to help her.   She continued to live, but consequences upon her health are still present.  Besides the physical pain, she experienced fear that is present even today and isn't going away due to lack of trust for medical personnel. 

The biggest problem is that her honor and reputation is defamed.  Viriginity is everybody's right and choice and has a specific meaning in psychological and emotional sense for everyone.  This is especially true due to the fact that the destruction actually disrution of hymen was done with the robust object, actually medical instrument and by the recognized medical practitioner-specialist, that in this concrete case did not pay attention to the victim's warning that she is a virgin and that she has pains; she continued to intrude, insert, and push the speculum.  The doctor continued with the UNNECESSARY procedure that left life-long consequences on the victim. 

Thus, a recognized doctor did not take seriously or did didn't belive the victim's warning that she is a virgin, and that is why they did not record it, even though that question is a part of regular gynecological procedure for examining patients.  And instead of a usual rutine gynecological exam, the doctor started with the INVASIVE GYNECOLOGICAL METHOD with the largest speculum by inserting it forcefully upon a virgin, without any indication that this is necessary, even though it is well-known that this method is not conducted upon virgins but only sexually active women.   Therefore, absolute irresponsibility, unprescribed work that is not in line with the valid gynecological procedures, nonprofessionalism as well as haughtiness and brutality of medical personnel, has caused life-long consequences for the victim.

What to say?  Perhaps we could say to the least that we are living in the society of easily gained or purchased degrees upon which a butcher or a pastrycook becomes a specialist gynecologist or a criminal becomes am expert witness, high policeman, prosecutor and a judge. 

Regardless of how it is, the above mentioned case ended up at the court, however, if it happens that a criminal bought the degree of a judge; regardless of how it will be, the end result of a court suit is well known in advance.  How long we are going to watch and suffer mistreatment and abuse of a small grup of people on the majority of people depends on us.  

I shudder when some people are saying that they are unemployed demobilized soldiers, how highly educated they are yet are still at the employment biros.  

No, you are not fighers, nor are these other ones educated.  You are just one number, one statistical unit, one out of used wretches that do not have basic conditions for life....

Freedom to the people!
author: Muhamed Pivić

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